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Morning Sun

by Big Name Actors

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All songs written, performed, arranged and recorded by Big Name Actors.

Big Name Actors are:
Scott Sokoloski - Bass
Nick Verona - Drums, Vocals
Hugh Wilson - Vocals, Guitars

Recorded at Fashion Machine HQ
Vocals recorded at Dollar Romance Studios
*additional keys by Hugh Wilson
**additional handclaps by I Hate Todd & Red Falcon / White Lightning
***additional recording and instrumentation by Jeff D. Elliott

Mixed by Jeff D. Elliott
Mastered by Matt Gauthier

Artwork by Scott Sokoloski (
Art Concept by Hugh Wilson

We'd like to thank our mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and former pets. To our musician brothers and sisters, you all know who you are, we love you. Keep making beautiful music. To anyone who enjoys what we do you mean the world to us and you always will.

Big Name Actors


released May 29, 2014


all rights reserved



Big Name Actors Toronto, Ontario

Big Name Actors are a rock trio bridging the gap between the early nineties scenes of Seattle and Halifax. Catchy and upbeat but with an abrasive dark side.

Big Name Actors continue to please Toronto audiences with their unique grungey power-pop sound and their tightly performed sets of dynamically charged songs.

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Track Name: Talkin' To Myself
Yes you were dealt a pretty bad hand
At least you got these legs to stand on
Like a stone to a sword you got moral support I can't touch
Now you need something to hold on to
And I continue givin' you bad advice
There's liberties in this life that I overuse, I'm over due

But I'll keep talkin' to myself, talking' to myself till it's true
And I'll just talk about myself, talk about myself but how are you?
How do you do?

Well I finally found my heart, sewn right on the sleeve of your second-hand shirt
I ain't got no cash so I try and make a dash like a fool
They said "Where you going son? We saw just what you done. Don't play it cool."
I got caught more or less. I'm obvious I guess, there's your proof
There's your proof

As long as you know that I love you
As long as you know in your heart that it's true
I'm not a dishonest man
I'm just trying to do everything that I can

You don't have to hide. I'm right by your side. You don't have to hide.

Running in a spot, shoelaces in a knot, I might fall
I've been sitting here at home, staring at the phone waiting for your call

I wrote you this song
Track Name: Make It Shine
Would it ease your mind to know this wave won't break without some sacrifice standing in the way?
Here they come to stand in a row
This sympathy just needs a habit
Another monkey falls down the rabbit hole

It looks bad but I can turn it around
I'll make it shine, so bright

Ran too far in the dead of night
Even in the dark we could not hide
It seems complicated so I won't instigate it
I can tell just from your eyes

Now don't you feel better?
Don't you feel right at home?
Track Name: Morning Sun
Morning sun is shining on your face
And I'm a-wasting time and space
Around me while I stand in place
I try to cut to the chase
But I can't move, no

If I knew what I know right now, back then
I'd find a different way to the same end

Morning sun is shining on your face
I'm a-running in the human race
And falling down behind
You while you stand in line
I think about you all the time
You know I do, it's true

Morning sun is shining on your face
Track Name: Name Your Price
Disappointed by everything
Something's gotta turn out right
Your beliefs at least they try to see the good things in life
But we don't ever stop moving around
And we'll burn this whole thing down to the ground

I can't figure out, just what it is that we want
Won't you name your price?

I get up in the morning
After tossing and turning all night
It's not out of my mind it's out of my sight
So I'll burn this whole thing down to the ground
And you wonder why I'm not settling down

Because I can't figure out just what it is that I want
Won't you name your price?

We're hard pressed to fall apart into perfect little pieces
To make it easier to rebuild

Won't you name your price?
Disappointed by everything.
Track Name: Don't You Dare
Can't make up your mind and it's not a tough decision at all
All my progress slowed down to a crawl
Can't you see I'm ready to go?
Can't we just get on with the show tonight?

Don't you dare look back
It's only you, you can't forgive
Let go of your past
It does not mean that you must forget

Flawed design, we best try again
But we put it together and it falls apart
Some things are worth fighting for
Guess I'll never know for sure

No one said you're designed for this
No one said you're defined by this
No one said you should die for this I swear

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